I Can’t Run The Program ?

You can install the program by downloading and running it from our site.It will download itself if it is updated then the program will prepare and encrypt itself, your Framework versions may be out of date if you get an error during this.You need to install version 4.6 of the Framework. https://www.microsoft.com/en-US/download/details.aspx?id=48130 and Visual Studio 2015, 2017, 2019, and 2022 (vc_redist.x86.exe – vc_redist.x64.exe both of them) https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/2977003/the-latest-supported-visual-c-downloads

(NOTE: For some users, you may need to have the 3.5 version installed on your computer, if you are having problems, make sure you have this version installed.)

How Many People Can Use An Account ?

A maximum of 1 person can use an account.Your program is licensed to your computer.

Where can i download the Darkoder Portal ?

Link will be available on user panel after purchase of product.

How can i contact support ?

You can get support by opening a ticket. Click here to open a ticket(Reminder! Must login for it)

Are you selling scam products ? Is your site scam site ?

No !! All our products are working. We have many customers and have been selling products for 5 years. We also offer 7/24 ticket support and offer live support service. If the products are not working, we will close this product until it is updated and we specify it on the product’s page.

I downloaded the product but it says “Maintenance” ?

Sometimes we update products. Maintenance is generally short, usually completed within 48 hours, but some updates are lengthy and may take longer. If maintenance takes longer, we will add extra days to your account.

I Reset The Computer And The Program is Not Working ?

Your license will be invalid because you reset your computer.You have the right to reset your license for 1 time per month.If you want to do more zeroing within 1 month, need to buy a new license. You must contact support to be able to perform these reset operations.

“Multiple membership detected!” ?

If you are getting this notification, you should first know that your license works for only 1 computer.This means you cannot use this program on a different computer,if you have reset or updated the computer. Your license will be invalid because you reset your computer. You can reset your license for this but remember that you have the right to reset your license once a month. You can open a ticket to reset the license…

Which Windows version do you recommend ?

In fact, on the product page we write the supported operating systems. But our recommendation is Windows 10/11 this version works seamlessly on all products. We strongly do not recommend the latest version of windows.

What is Program Encryption ?

The program itself is already encrypted but once again it is encrypted on your computer so that the anti-cheat software will not recognize you.

The Program is Detected As a Virus ?

Because the program is encrypted, antivirus programs can not scan the program properly and are therefore perceived as viruses.This is entirely due to the encryption of the program.If the firewall and antivirus programs prevent you from using the program, you must turn them off or you must mark the program as safe.

Why Should I Prefer You ?

We are producing the cheapest and safest programs and we also provide live support service.Of course the decision is again yours 🙂 We can produce special software for you if needed

I do not have a numpad, I can not press numpad keys ?

For this, you can use the virtual keyboard or assign the key you want to a different key on your keyboard.

How do I clear my computer’s cache ?

Click Start, and then type “Disk Cleanup.”, click Disk Cleanup when it appears in the search results. Make sure that drive “C:” is selected and click “OK.” Check the box next to “Temporary files.” It’s up to you if you check other kinds of files then click “OK.” .

If The Games Are Updated ?

The software we usually write is automatically updated.But we can say that we will update the software as soon as possible.

I Don’t Get An Error But The Cheat Doesn’t Work ?

If you ran the program correctly without error and “Waiting for process” after seeing this notification, if you dont get an error when you enter the game (the program will shut itself down This is not an error !) but if it does not work, you have a license error.You must download and run the program here. You must provide your license code via live support or via a ticket.

Is the Program Freezing ?

The program can freeze if your version of Windows is edited and the required plugins are not installed.You need to find your solution to this.Another possibility is that if the firewall blocks the connection with our servers or if we are prohibited from accessing the site, it can freeze.Changing your IP address and shutting down the firewall will solve this problem.

Program is Constantly Updated ?

If the program is constantly updated or you are having trouble updating, restart the computer and open the portal directly without opening any programs. This problem is usually caused by cache. “How do I clear my computer’s cache ?” you can read the title for details.

I get a “Failed! Error code 351” error ?

If you are getting this error, Firstly turn off secure boot in your BIOS, it will not work correctly if you do not. Then close the virus programs or firewall, close everything that could prevent system installation(Anti-cheat or Anti-Virus drivers included)

“Failed to allocate memory in the remote process” What is The Error ?

If you are getting this error, you are using an unsupported league/system for the product. If you want to know more about this, contact support.

“Program.dll the specified module could not be found” What is The Error ?

You may get this error if your computer is missing windows plugins. You need to install the windows plugins at the bottom of the this page. Make sure you have both c++ 2017 x86 and x64 versions installed.

“d3dx9_43.dll was not found” What is The Error ?

If you are getting this error, you are need to install directx 9.It is a very easy step, just download and install the directx 9 build.

“Failed to load module into remote process” What is The Error ?

If you are getting this error, the Windows add-ins required for the program are not installed on your computer.First you need to install the Framework 4.5 version.https://www.microsoft.com/en-US/download/details.aspx?id=48130. Also, it is beneficial to have the Framework 2.0 version available on your computer and finally, all of the following plug-ins must be installed;


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